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Mapping the cheap viagra sales Dynamics of Emergent Technologies (MDET)

This project aims to deepen the understanding of how new technologies emerge. Technologies are developed in distributed epistemic networks that align and misalign to varying degrees. In the case of emergent fields, desirable technological developments are often hindered as a result of this lack of alignment. Hence there is a role for public policy for supporting the coordination of buy levitra viagra online the networks. This project aims to fill this evidence gap and map how these networks develop, align and misalign.

The research combines quantitative methods for analysing social and cognitive networks using publication data, qualitative methods to capture institutional developments and  novel mixed qualitative-quantitative approaches to investigate the visions, values and shared expectations of the researchers. .

MDET is a joint project by SPRU (University of Sussex), ASCOR (University of Amsterdam), and IFRIS (University of Paris-Est), funded by the ESRC and the ANR under the canadian phamacy cialis Open Research Area call.


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Materials (only for project participants): 

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