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Patent Overlay Maps

Patent Overlay Mapping: Visualizing Technological Distance

Luciano Kay, Nils Newman, Jan Youtie, Alan L. Porter and Ismael Rafols


This paper presents a new global patent map that represents all technological categories, and a method to locate patent data of individual organizations and technological fields on the global map. This overlay map technique can support competitive intelligence and policy decision-making. The global patent map is based on similarities in citing-to-cited relationships between categories of the International Patent Classification (IPC) of European Patent Office (EPO) patents from 2000 to 2006. This patent dataset, extracted from the PatStat database, includes 760,000 patent records in more than 400 IPC categories. The paper overlays nanotechnology-related patenting activities of two companies and two different nanotechnology subfields on the global patent map. The exercise shows the potential of patent overlay maps to cialis soft tabs visualize technological areas and potentially support decision-making. Furthermore, this study shows that IPC categories that are similar to one another based on citing-to-cited patterns (and thus are close in the global patent map) are not necessarily in the same hierarchical IPC branch, thus revealing new relationships between technologies that are classified as pertaining to different (and sometimes distant) subject areas in the IPC scheme.


Supplementary files

Supplementary file 1: Excel file containing the labels of lowest prices viagra IPC groupings, citation and similarity matrices, factor analysis of IPC groupings

Supplementary file 2: Examples of overlay maps of firms and cheap viagra free shipping research topics.

Supplementary file 3: Interactive version of the global patent map using the levitra mastercard europe software VOSviewer.